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Good Food fresh mood!

Good food, Fresh mood!!

We all knew very well that food is very essential for us and it runs our body. But, Do you realize that food plays a vital role for setting up or refreshing our mood!

Researches also stats the same i.e if we are able to change our food habits then surely we can significantly boost mood and improve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Today we are going to discuss about three main food which are easily available are having good control on our mood and we can say they prepare a base for good moo

1. Chocolate

If you are a foodie then chocolate came on no.1 position and during the research is has been found that eating a dark chocolate everyday for 2 weeks reduced the levels of cortisol and other stress hormones in people who were highly stressed. Experts say it could be thanks to the antioxidants found in dark chocolate. So go ahead! Indulge

Good food, Fresh Mood!!

2. Green Tea

It is recommended by various doctors as it contains the anti oxidant that purifying the blood and reduce the cholesterol , soothe your senses, calm your nerves and brighten a dark mood

Green Tea -Good food fresh mood!

3. Yogurt & Other beneficiary Macrobiotics

Fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi and sauerkraut helps us to keep our gut bacteria in check. Recent studies in both animals and humans suggest links between balanced gut bacteria and better mood, less stress and anxiety, and lower risk of depression.

Yogurt & Other beneficiary Macrobiotics -Good Food fresh mood!

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